The Road Goes on Forever

by Mrs J


Cher attends Greg Allman’s funeral in Macon, GA.

It is impossible this week to avoid mention of current events back home. Last Saturday’s horrific terrorist attack on pedestrians and diners in the heart of London releases a wave of stoic unity in Britain. Last night’s general election results show a country in deep political divide…

Mr J and I have a sense of being on the outside looking in in horror – like an out of body experience. We know the UK we return to next year will not feel like the country we left in 2013. We can only trust our difficult transition will be eased by much-missed comfort food: fish and chips, British curries, and steam pudding and custard…

Thousands of miles from England, a live radio broadcast from the James Comey Congressional Hearing leaves me enthralled. It is the candid testimony from America’s former FBI boss that I will remember from this week in politics. A possible “where were you?” moment…

Last Saturday heralds a sad moment in Southern Rock history – the funeral of Greg Allman. Greg is laid to rest next to his brother, Duane, who died in 1971 while the Allman Brothers Band were living in the Big House in Macon.

By the entrance to Rose Hill Cemetery a lone piper plays Amazing Grace. There is a higher than average display of mushroom iconography, long beards and greying pony tails in the crowd. As the funeral procession passes through the gates peace signs are exchanged between limos and onlookers.


Surviving band member, Jaimoe, gives a peace sign to his fans.


View over Rose Hill Cemetery, and a fan’s tribute: ‘The Road Goes On Forever’.

I bumped into Greg Allman at a special screening of ‘Amy’ (Winehouse) in Macon, in 2015. I’m standing behind a vaguely familiar looking man at the concessions stand. He’s sporting a Big House t-shirt and a white ponytail. A young man asks for some Reeces (peanut butter and chocolate sweets) and the older man turns and jokingly says, “I thought he said reefers.” Yeah, that was Greg.


Frog in Pink Bucket

Yesterday demanded a visit downtown to check on the tadpoles at Washington Park and the Hollywood film crew at City Hall. The tadpoles beat the movie set hands down in terms of entertainment. The kids have learned that froglets are fast and film shoots are slow!


public safety

Macon has provided backdrops to numerous films.

cool cats

Local extras take up position as civil rights era potesters outside City Hall.