Let it go…

by Mrs J

War Zon

My children entertain kids calling in on our yard sale with a ‘War Zone’ set up around their play house.

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day and – perhaps like you – I had no idea until an hour or two ago. So, the first eight hours of being publically honored for Best Supporting Role in a Foreign Drama have slipped by without me knowing. Typical. I imagine this Sunday’s Mother’s Day will pass in much the same manner…

I let it go.

Thinking about it, I have had to ‘just let go’ of a few things this week…

On Tuesday, I bid farewell to an old and familiar mole, and undergo minor surgery. I foolishly inform my Primary Care Giver (in battle fatigues) that I gave birth to both children using the power of hypnotherapy alone. So, she razors an additional skin tag without anaethesia. I haven’t taken a look, but I suspect my back looks like a Swiss cheese… Oh well, I was only a year or two off giving up bikinis completely, anyway.

I let it go.

Early May brings some of Georgia’s ‘prettiest weather’, to coin a local expression. It is Yard Sale season. Mr J and I empty the loft (transl. attic), put out the signs, and get up at an ungodly hour. It is funny what the children are sentimental about; Miss J crys genuine tears into her super-soft dressing gown. I reassure her that we are unlikely to sell a warm dressing gown at this time of year – and blow me down, it is the first thing to go.

“Let it go. Let it go…”

We have also let go our entire TV package. The meagre television we used to watch was usurped this year by homework, and will now be replaced with Wii Sport or board games. Reader, I need to learn how to play chess. Fast. Because I know my seven year old will soon be whooping my @®$#…


My son combines two of his loves: Tintin and engineering.

Finally, we say goodbye to our wonderful local library. The only upside to this inconvenience is today’s book sale. I buy 11 of Middle Georgia’s 21 Tintin books. And despite our recent efforts to downsize (see yard sale, above) I buy several books for myself:


I’ve been looking for something like this sumptuous ‘Georgia Quilts’ book for ages; Slightly geeky ‘Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture’ – both for $1

Okay, okay, when it comes to the habit of collecting books, it is hard to let it go.


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